Meet the MCTFR Staff!

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The MCTFR is a team of more than thirty five people which operates by means of a committee structure.   Some committees primarily work with participants and others primarily work with data.  The Assessment Staff (recruiters, interviewers, neurohealth technicians, and psychophysiologists) work directly with participants, arranging visits and collecting information in interviews and labs.  The Consensus committee processes the information we gather from visits and the Data Management committee applies a quantifiable numeric code to the data so it can be entered into our secured database.  The MRI & Psychophysiology Data Analysis committee processes the brainwave data we collect so it, too, can be analyzed.  All of this information is synthesized by our Investigators (researchers) and published in scientific journals.  The MCTFR also relies on the Information Management committee to design and coordinate our databases.  Finally, the Administration committee submits grant proposals and progress reports and manages operations for the center.  We also collaborate with many faculty members outside of our center at the University of Minnesota and at other universities around the world.

Principal Investigators

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William Iacono Principal Investigator, Regents Professor, Distinguished McKnight University Professor 612.626.7569 [email protected]
Matt McGue Principal Investigator, Regents Professor 612.377.3493 [email protected]
Monica Luciana Principal Investigator, Distinguished McKnight University Professor 612.626.0757 [email protected]
Steve Malone Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor 612.626.1436 [email protected]
Scott Vrieze Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor 612.626.7569 [email protected]
Sylia Wilson Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor 612.624.1551 [email protected]