Participation in the MTFS

Details about your visit

As the study continues, participants are asked to return to the University for follow-up visits every few years. Following the research design of a longitudinal study, these visits include assessments very similar to participants’ initial visit with us.

Part of the assessment consists of an interview of each participant. The purpose of these interviews is to follow up on what has happened in participants’ lives since their last interview with us. Participants are interviewed about a variety of topics including life events, friends, dating, marriage, parenting, attitudes, and behaviors. All information shared with us is kept confidential. Read more about our confidentiality procedures here.


For the other portion of the assessment, participants spend time in the psychophysiology lab. They partake in various tasks, including physical measurements, stress monitoring, eye tracking, and EEG (brainwave tasks). Some participants may also be asked if we can take a blood draw.


By conducting follow-up assessments, we hope to learn about outcomes for development and about how personality and attitudes have changed over time.

Scheduling an appointment

schedulingWe do everything we can to make your assessment with us convenient and enjoyable. When it is time for your follow-up assessment, a recruiter will contact you to schedule an appointment. Appointments are typically scheduled anytime from two weeks to two months in advance. We offer flexible dates and times that can work around our participants busy schedules, and we work hard to schedule your appointment for a time that is convenient for you. We realize our participants have busy lives and appreciate their willingness to spend time with us and help us in our research.

Assessment length varies and depends on how long it has been since we've last seen you and how many times you have visited before.

As always, participants are offered a monetary honorarium to show our gratitude for their participation.




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