MCTFR Crossword

from the Spring 2010 newsletter

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12    3         
5  6   
789  10  11 
13        14       


  1. One half of your visit, mostly involving answering questions.
  2. These pairs can be either monozygotic (identical) and dizygotic (fraternal).
  3. Our recent DNA collection project where we collected your blood.
  4. A family member who not biologically related is __________.
  5. A measure of physiological response or ability. (Donít worry we wonít give you a grade on this!)
  6. You inherit these from your parents, identical twins share all of these, and fraternal twins share about half.
  7. The information you give us is confidential, in order to maintain your _________.


  1. Sometimes interviews are done over the _________ instead of in person.
  2. The name of the hall (building) where our Center is located.
  3. A sequence of information found in your genes.
  4. The acronym for our Center.
  5. The information that you provide to us that is later de-identified and analyzed.
  6. You eat this for lunch during your visit to the study.
  7. The acronym for the device that measures your brainwaves, called an electroencephalogram.
  8. Reciting a list of numbers tests your short-term __________.
  9. One half of your visit, usually involving electrode sensors and eye tests.

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